Drug Abuse In Kajiado County


Drug abuse can be termed as a maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress (America psychiatric association, 2000 (p114-p115). It involves using drugs in an excessive manner whether drug is legal or illegal. For example, Marijuana is legal in other states and illegal in other states. At times to me, drug abuse should be termed as user abuse as technically it’s the user that is always abused.
Most drugs are abused either by taking them orally or sniffing. As far as I know, Kajiado County though not having featured in in the news, it has been badly hit by this menace with a reported case most likely to be at Kimana. Taking into account some of the immediate causes of drug abuse, I hereby feel regrettably to mention but among them they include the following.
First, there is mushrooming of drug selling points. Cheap and accessible ventures of doing business have seen small wines and spirits, to larger bars mushroom in my county. This has so meant that it is as easy as ABC to acquire cheap liquor with some even acquiring alcoholic spirits at a throw-away price of thirty shillings. Money actually meant for a profitable or more say, a useful activity finds its way quickly into the dirty hands of drugs dealers. Let’s not forget, marijuana which is easily accessible at a meagre cost of ten shillings.
Secondly, I would vote youth idleness and lack of employment as a cause that leads to youths taking drugs. An average youth usually waste a lot of time idling and imagining things. Most of them are so idle that the only thing they imagine is begging someone coins with the sole motive of acquiring these hard drugs.
Thirdly, peer pressure has seen a clique of youth depart from the norm, a-no-drug-taking-person to a universal addict. They get to be influenced, they get to influence and the vicious cycle of drug influencing expands every second. The air is usually enveloped by some smokes from most smoked drugs which leaves me a worry of secondary usage. Soon, we shall be right to say that everybody has ever smoked a cigarette as it is in the air, God bless us. Mututho’s law of opening and closing at specific time is not only adhered to but it seems to have never existed in my county.
With this in mind, drug abuse as an issue affecting the youths in my county can be addressed by a number of remedial and preventive methods. This includes; workshops for youths educating them on the negative effects of taking drugs, a government policy that will ensure that strict measures will be taken to the illegal drug traffickers, high taxation for business permits on alcohol and other abused drugs, economically empowering the youth by opening for them income generating activity such as car washes and garages, advising them to use leisure time well on economical and socio-productive activities.
It is my solemn believe that if this is done, other non-orthodox behaviors emanating from drug abuse will be reduced greatly.





          I take this moment to pass my condolescence to the Westgate bereaved and the injured. It was not their plans to perish in the grisly situation and like its now, it’s everyone consent that the whole nation is in stigma.  For the 100 or so hours that terrorist brought everything to a standstill at the mall is still a myth whom am yet to decide who will crack it. That weekend is by far the darkest this year and it will remain embedded in the Kenyans minds for eternity.

     I had awaken up that morning and my lecture mate who we were fond off together, George Buluma came and told me of something that also to him was not clear, “ I hear that there are robbers at the Westgate mall.” So what was I, to do with the robbers? I thought that that was…

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Success or failure depends on you




      When I was born, I never knew that one day I would join the university. Of course I had all the reason since no one in my whole village had securely attained the cut-out marks required to join the university.

     I have got four brothers and two sisters. I am also the last born and this was something if someone was asked whether to decide to be, I would be the first person to refuse. You all know all the laziness and crazy-talk associated with last borne. They wait for their parents to work hard and inherit their property!

    I spent my early childhood in dilemma since I wanted to prove that being a last borne is not a guarantee of being a failure. This is saying from my own point of view and if you find it irrelevant to you, please forgives me. Jesus…

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In the middle of the night,

My windows are still open,

The cool air,

The vehicle hooting,

Kiss music soothing me,

Comrades shouting all over,

Make into my room.


It’s 3.00 a.m,

It’s when peter denied Jesus the first time,

It’s when the world of darkness believed to be active,

It’s when Emily Rose is waked up in her exorcism’

It’s when i hear the first crow of the cock,

It’s when am supposed to wake and read!

Gosh! i am not in the mood!


It’s midnight,

The wolf in the Serengeti barks,

The elephant in the Amboseli now prepares to roam the loitoktok farms,

The cheetahs at Tsavo are prepairing to Intrude the maasai nomads,

The lions at the Nairobi national park,

Are now resting after a hectic escape from curious tourists,

The pythons at the coast are onto trees to hunt the monkeys,

Gosh! i dream of being a chimpanzee.


It’s at 8.00 a.m,

The prostitutes are preparing to visit their asylum,

They’re praying to the same God i pray to,

” God bless me with customers today!”

The gangs are in the bar drinking after their undeserved reap,

The jams is great at Muindi Mbingu Street,

Do you know why?

Gosh! i would be there hadn’t i been writing this.


It’s five,

The darkness is requesting to leave,

The coffee rays are almost penetrating the sky,

The chefs at most inns are busy,

The high school cook are now preparing to do that heavy tasks,

The travelers are at the bus stage,

The drunkards who slept at the streets!

Not for philanthropic reasons,

Do find it unbearable!

They have no more left with them.

Gosh! i am supposed to be preparing my breakfast,

I still feel like writing more!


I was from the field!





This is for the person in this context. Is he worth it?


  I was just from the field when I entered my room. I was feeling exhausted. Dead beat ! I guessed.

I quickly entered my room. Alas ! I had left my radio on; my Facebook page was also on. in fact, the music I was

streaming live was still playing. I quickly entered into my Facebook page and started following my chat. Wait a minute! It was stevo-da prince.

                     He had clearly written.” Listen to my new song.” Alas! you mean people are out there and doing great things while I was just here sleeping and playing games. I was anxious to see how  and when he started. That day, as i can vividly remember, he was a young boy, well groomed and energetic. the last I can remember was that he was in class six and i was in class seven. we used to play football  . I would score their class and they even went ahead nicknaming me by the whole brand name-CCM ( chama cha machuma). This means a party of iron. they had all the reason to call me that way because no player would stop me when i was on the box, of course i would score and celebrate. 

                   I was a forced to reckon with! my mum actually was mad when she heard I was playing soccer. They expected me to read hard. They were not employed and were heavily sacrificing to see that I was getting an academic education! No day had they ever told me that they regret walking bare foot at times. at that time is couldn’t sense i was  supposed to work extra hard. i was becoming number one and at times I dropped! I was cheeky, but not like a young bantam cock. 

          I called stivo-da prince after I had completed listening to his whole song. I was envious of his achievement.

                ” Is this you singing?”

I was quick to ask?

                    ” let me hear it?” he asked back. 

At full-blast sound, he listened into it. 

                           ” pall that is me” 

He was silent, he expected my comments! Yeah of course, do you think I congratulated him or I made a scorn of him?

              The song is great. It was really accompanying me . usually I would rush to the bathroom and take a shower but today I was not even remembering that! we all come from KIMANA. A town in the loitoktok region, KAJIADO COUNTY, this is in kenya. A land full of splendid scenery including the Thomson falls and also great rift valley view point. we brag of our country, but this never goes uncalled since even the world most travelled man -was happy to say that of all the destinations he had visited, he was really satisfied and enjoyed most while he was in Kenya. we welcome you here! 

               My friends who we would prepare supper together came and was into the music. “An American artist” he observed.I was made to believe that my boy is going places.I explained to him the whole story and he was quick to become his follower and so stivo- you have a  new follower.

             Things here in campus are really quite different. At times, one is left to wonder what the difference between the village boys and a whole elite is? people quarrel over simple things and sometimes this is really agonising. I must mention the campus politics. It is  fierce as compared to the national one! one at times is left to wonder whether one is added an extra decade to live on earth when he wins. you spoil your opponent name in all the possible ways. 

           so when you would love to hear more more about the campus life, I have a full three posts to come about campus activity.You will surely take extra care when seeking advice from a graduate when you hear the bad side of this life!

              I have quickly written this to tell stevo that sky is always the limit. may be he will comment that here in the coming days but till then , expect more from the wonder kid!








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The Swahili people once said that, “kutembea kwingi ni kuona mengi”, which when translated to English would mean travelling a lot accompanies a great sight. African culture is carefully set on principle of good neighborhood, loving and caring for our neighbors. This is further strengthened by the national anthem which has always and continues preaching peace. A good example is our national anthem quoted as          “”May we dwell in unity peace and liberty,                                                                                                                                                                                             peace and unity                                                                                                                                                                                     plenty be found within our boarders…”

Never goes a day without this lines being sung. Our cooperation started long time ago and this has been accompanied by both useful and detrimental effects.

When cooperation is narrowed down to the university level, it appears so small theoretically but when practically dawns in its immensity are observed. The mere signing of charters of cooperation, which is done on a paper is nothing not unless the agreement is implemented and its’ objectives are harvested wholesomely.

Korea has already made its’ footprint into the world and especially in Africa at large. It is so vivid that even doubting Thomas wouldn’t dare his career. No one has never seen bill boards all over with Didier Drogba’s image advertising Samsung. More over the Samsung devices, especially smart phones such as galaxy pocket, S3 note and Samsung series are a major part of African people. It was a boom when it was first introduced. LG the acronym for Life is Good. If really life is good, why not go for it? This is just but a few examples that can actually stand that Korean’s vision has not always been in vain. From the education eagerness of Africans, if the Korean studies are taught in African Universities, more of Korean goodies will be harnessed for the full potential.

Candidly, I must say that the Koreans are bright. I may not wish to open a forum of which would be termed as, “is everybody else not bright?”  but would like to send accolade of congratulations to their forefathers. In my Genetics Lectures, I have leant that an individual’s fitness is measured by proportion of fit genes left on the population gene pool. Those which leave more successful off springs, then their levels will increase in the population and their rivals will eventually die out. The point am trying to bring home is that Korean people value their cultural values, ethics and philosophy of life. By this I am stating out that Korean technological advancement is solidly grounded on the traditional cultural values, ethics and philosophy of life. If it is so, then it becomes clear that they have always contributed to their peoples’ welfare by preserving their very best culture. Supposing African universities would buy their ideas, then we would be in a better position to take African technology to the next level.

The advantage of Korean studies being taught in an African university is a theme turn sour if we do not  talk about the globalization lab project, most African universities would find this a useful venture where all their research Centre can apply and together with Korea on undertaking of technological and scientific research. Here, we would have the opportunity to work together in the translation of Korean classics, conduct joint research activities both in Africa and Korea. African universities would get the very lucky opportunity to address the key emerging global concerns.

HIV/AIDS has been the biggest disaster in Africa. It has called for intense research from scientists all over the world but to no avail, the far they could go is finding preventive drugs. These drugs are still imported in African countries and I believe that with collaboration with Korean studies, Africans can produce powerful drugs to curb not only HIV/AIDS but also other dreadful diseases.

Global warming is another topic of concern to Africa and all over the world, as evidenced by more ice melting in the Polar Regions, short term heavy rainfall and long periods of dry spell therefore, extending desert and semi-desert regions. This affects global economy. Africans are part of fight against global warming and therefore, support from Korea will see many participants in Africa work on minimizing global warming.

The key careers enrolled in African universities are medicine, engineering, economics and actuarial science. Africans have not invested much in humanities and there is a loop hole the field of humanities. With the introduction of Korean studies, Africans’ perception of humanities as an ordinary course will automatically change. This will make them understand their environment better, hence comparing their culture, folklore, art, religion, history, technology and other related fields  with that of outside Africa.

Africa is rich in potential entertainment sector; we have great comedians like Churchill and Eric Omondi from Kenya, Clint Da Drunk from Nigeria and also Pablo from Uganda. Supposing Korean studies were taught in an African university those comedians would be the best ambassadors to foster way forward on promoting Korean studies. In fact (SIKS) Strategic Initiative for Korean studies could use this as one of the best way in competing with other Asian Tigers like China.

I pose and look at a perfect example while vast of Africa is really on the race of industrialization, Korea can have a great impact on the implementation of these. A perfect example is in Kenya; recently there have been plans for the construction of Konza city in the Silicon savannah. It is one stop destination where Korea can have a great impact supposing it’s’ skills is taught in most Kenyan universities. There is also an emerging city of Machakos. It is a glamorous site, lots of it has not been constructed .when it is finally completed there are always those gaping holes where potential investors can harvest a lot from the possible unforeseen opportunities.

Away from these, who doesn’t know how electioneering periods in African countries is usually full of unwanted tensions? Most citizens even go to the point of not practicing their democratic rights. Do you know why? This is because most of them would not bargain their life to simply casting a vote. The poor state of their economies consoles them even further not to vote since they lack faith in their leaders. This among other non-orthodox ways of reasoning can be captured holistically and made into a theory. Korea itself practices peaceful elections. When most African graduates have a nice glimpse of Korean studies, pre and post- election tension will never be a talk about. This was greatly spearheaded by the march 4, 2013 Kenyan general election, it was one peaceful election and I can link it to Kenya- Korea relationship.

Academic excellence is the key to development. The opportunity to explore opportunities within a country and global scale when students study in the respective diasporas, chances are actually that they would arise inter-diaspora marriages, moreover, exchange of cultural practices will be spearheaded by the massive cultural diversity that is observed between these blocks. I cannot hesitate mentioning the Africans and particularly the culture of good neighborhood. This is one thing the Africans should boast for since in the developed countries, definition of a neighbor is different from what we perceive. Most Africans are Christians and they have learnt that a neighbor is anyone who is in need.

Korea has the policy that anyone can do something that is of great importance to Korea. This is one of the value that the Korea is using to empower her citizens. While most African countries would stagnate in poverty due to lack of ventures to express their ideas. Korea also has well-organized academics, where a persons’ idea is quickly turned into a project. Here in Africa, it is quite different! Actually it is only those that are well connected and acquainted with a good package of cash that see their ideas come to happen. When Korean studies are offered in African universities, we shall see more of their empowerment. By this I would be thinking in the basis that their curriculum acknowledges innovativeness from the bright minds. Africans would for once have a chance to sip this milk of Korean provided opportunity.

It has been said and it will be said once more, necessity is the mother of invention. In fact all history students who can recall the agrarian revolution can well agree that one of its’ key theme was, “invention is the mother of invention”. Even now as we speak, it is that necessity that ensures that Korean studies are taught on an African university. The close ties between these two blocks will lead to a win-win cooperation and understanding both in Kenya and Korea. 

Korea too has faced a lot of challenges in its bid to rise into superiority. Africans will have a first-hand information on the possible ways to avoid such catastrophic events. Actually Africans can use Korean challenges as an eye opener to escape such catastrophes.

As I have earlier on put across, Africa would have a great opportunity on the environmental conservation. Korea being a signatory of the Kyoto protocol will reap a lot from Korea.

As I conclude, I would like to capture out that it is Africans who would have a high stake in advantage when Korean studies is taught in African university. It is therefore my calling that everybody should sing;

                      Come Korea! Come Korea.