why dream ?


is it true that everything one enjots today just stated as a dream?

they say make hay while the sun shines.

but why do they at times contradict themselves, hurry hurry has no blessing.

Did they mean that when late just walk comfortably easy like a snail? bloggers i need a clarification here.

is everything you are enjoying or regretting a part of your dream?

for me yeah ,for example , it was my dream to study my high school education very far from my home. Guess what? when the invitation letters were out i was only invited to G G RUMURUTI HIGH SCHOOL. This was nearly 500 km from my home village. I remember that day i arrived there tired like nobodys business that even standing was a problem.

Days past, years past and eventually sat for my kcse and attained good grades and now am in THE UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI. But why didnt i prefer MASENO or others that would be far from my home. I was of course tired. once bitten twice shy. 

my dreams have seen me change my preferences like i can now not imagine travelling long to far places to such for knoledge when there is one  w in my neighbourhood.Dream are real , you better have to ream big, bigger than BEN CARSON dream big. It is said that aim at the sun and you would land at the moon.

I do not disagree.

BUT what a cliche has this been on the kenyan politics..

“youths you have to dream big because you are the leaders of tomorrow”

this tomorrow has never come since independence.

Is that not a jock to the whole youth fraternity.

they say if tomorrow never comes we shall have no worries about today..But it has always come. this is a true “ENKIMODA” A maasai word for foolishness cos we are assumed we don’t know tomorrow. Not unless we think positively so shall we always embrace this cliche’.

The youth always have the say in any nation both in numbers and IQ. we have to shout out for our representation in all sectors.

it is my dream that one day the youth will have more say on this republic. 

What yours?

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