I was from the field!





This is for the person in this context. Is he worth it?


  I was just from the field when I entered my room. I was feeling exhausted. Dead beat ! I guessed.

I quickly entered my room. Alas ! I had left my radio on; my Facebook page was also on. in fact, the music I was

streaming live was still playing. I quickly entered into my Facebook page and started following my chat. Wait a minute! It was stevo-da prince.

                     He had clearly written.” Listen to my new song.” Alas! you mean people are out there and doing great things while I was just here sleeping and playing games. I was anxious to see how  and when he started. That day, as i can vividly remember, he was a young boy, well groomed and energetic. the last I can remember was that he was in class six and i was in class seven. we used to play football  . I would score their class and they even went ahead nicknaming me by the whole brand name-CCM ( chama cha machuma). This means a party of iron. they had all the reason to call me that way because no player would stop me when i was on the box, of course i would score and celebrate. 

                   I was a forced to reckon with! my mum actually was mad when she heard I was playing soccer. They expected me to read hard. They were not employed and were heavily sacrificing to see that I was getting an academic education! No day had they ever told me that they regret walking bare foot at times. at that time is couldn’t sense i was  supposed to work extra hard. i was becoming number one and at times I dropped! I was cheeky, but not like a young bantam cock. 

          I called stivo-da prince after I had completed listening to his whole song. I was envious of his achievement.

                ” Is this you singing?”

I was quick to ask?

                    ” let me hear it?” he asked back. 

At full-blast sound, he listened into it. 

                           ” pall that is me” 

He was silent, he expected my comments! Yeah of course, do you think I congratulated him or I made a scorn of him?

              The song is great. It was really accompanying me . usually I would rush to the bathroom and take a shower but today I was not even remembering that! we all come from KIMANA. A town in the loitoktok region, KAJIADO COUNTY, this is in kenya. A land full of splendid scenery including the Thomson falls and also great rift valley view point. we brag of our country, but this never goes uncalled since even the world most travelled man -was happy to say that of all the destinations he had visited, he was really satisfied and enjoyed most while he was in Kenya. we welcome you here! 

               My friends who we would prepare supper together came and was into the music. “An American artist” he observed.I was made to believe that my boy is going places.I explained to him the whole story and he was quick to become his follower and so stivo- you have a  new follower.

             Things here in campus are really quite different. At times, one is left to wonder what the difference between the village boys and a whole elite is? people quarrel over simple things and sometimes this is really agonising. I must mention the campus politics. It is  fierce as compared to the national one! one at times is left to wonder whether one is added an extra decade to live on earth when he wins. you spoil your opponent name in all the possible ways. 

           so when you would love to hear more more about the campus life, I have a full three posts to come about campus activity.You will surely take extra care when seeking advice from a graduate when you hear the bad side of this life!

              I have quickly written this to tell stevo that sky is always the limit. may be he will comment that here in the coming days but till then , expect more from the wonder kid!



2 thoughts on “I was from the field!

  1. Stivoh Prince

    Hey it didn’t take me days to read this thank you bro, I’m glad you acknowledged my effort and sure i know i was born a star so the sky must be my limit. And BTW I’m now following your blog keep us posted.

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