In the middle of the night,

My windows are still open,

The cool air,

The vehicle hooting,

Kiss music soothing me,

Comrades shouting all over,

Make into my room.


It’s 3.00 a.m,

It’s when peter denied Jesus the first time,

It’s when the world of darkness believed to be active,

It’s when Emily Rose is waked up in her exorcism’

It’s when i hear the first crow of the cock,

It’s when am supposed to wake and read!

Gosh! i am not in the mood!


It’s midnight,

The wolf in the Serengeti barks,

The elephant in the Amboseli now prepares to roam the loitoktok farms,

The cheetahs at Tsavo are prepairing to Intrude the maasai nomads,

The lions at the Nairobi national park,

Are now resting after a hectic escape from curious tourists,

The pythons at the coast are onto trees to hunt the monkeys,

Gosh! i dream of being a chimpanzee.


It’s at 8.00 a.m,

The prostitutes are preparing to visit their asylum,

They’re praying to the same God i pray to,

” God bless me with customers today!”

The gangs are in the bar drinking after their undeserved reap,

The jams is great at Muindi Mbingu Street,

Do you know why?

Gosh! i would be there hadn’t i been writing this.


It’s five,

The darkness is requesting to leave,

The coffee rays are almost penetrating the sky,

The chefs at most inns are busy,

The high school cook are now preparing to do that heavy tasks,

The travelers are at the bus stage,

The drunkards who slept at the streets!

Not for philanthropic reasons,

Do find it unbearable!

They have no more left with them.

Gosh! i am supposed to be preparing my breakfast,

I still feel like writing more!



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