Drug Abuse In Kajiado County


Drug abuse can be termed as a maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress (America psychiatric association, 2000 (p114-p115). It involves using drugs in an excessive manner whether drug is legal or illegal. For example, Marijuana is legal in other states and illegal in other states. At times to me, drug abuse should be termed as user abuse as technically it’s the user that is always abused.
Most drugs are abused either by taking them orally or sniffing. As far as I know, Kajiado County though not having featured in in the news, it has been badly hit by this menace with a reported case most likely to be at Kimana. Taking into account some of the immediate causes of drug abuse, I hereby feel regrettably to mention but among them they include the following.
First, there is mushrooming of drug selling points. Cheap and accessible ventures of doing business have seen small wines and spirits, to larger bars mushroom in my county. This has so meant that it is as easy as ABC to acquire cheap liquor with some even acquiring alcoholic spirits at a throw-away price of thirty shillings. Money actually meant for a profitable or more say, a useful activity finds its way quickly into the dirty hands of drugs dealers. Let’s not forget, marijuana which is easily accessible at a meagre cost of ten shillings.
Secondly, I would vote youth idleness and lack of employment as a cause that leads to youths taking drugs. An average youth usually waste a lot of time idling and imagining things. Most of them are so idle that the only thing they imagine is begging someone coins with the sole motive of acquiring these hard drugs.
Thirdly, peer pressure has seen a clique of youth depart from the norm, a-no-drug-taking-person to a universal addict. They get to be influenced, they get to influence and the vicious cycle of drug influencing expands every second. The air is usually enveloped by some smokes from most smoked drugs which leaves me a worry of secondary usage. Soon, we shall be right to say that everybody has ever smoked a cigarette as it is in the air, God bless us. Mututho’s law of opening and closing at specific time is not only adhered to but it seems to have never existed in my county.
With this in mind, drug abuse as an issue affecting the youths in my county can be addressed by a number of remedial and preventive methods. This includes; workshops for youths educating them on the negative effects of taking drugs, a government policy that will ensure that strict measures will be taken to the illegal drug traffickers, high taxation for business permits on alcohol and other abused drugs, economically empowering the youth by opening for them income generating activity such as car washes and garages, advising them to use leisure time well on economical and socio-productive activities.
It is my solemn believe that if this is done, other non-orthodox behaviors emanating from drug abuse will be reduced greatly.


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