I take this moment to pass my condolescence to the Westgate bereaved and the injured. It was not their plans to perish in the grisly situation and like its now, it’s everyone consent that the whole nation is in stigma.  For the 100 or so hours that terrorist brought everything to a standstill at the mall is still a myth whom am yet to decide who will crack it. That weekend is by far the darkest this year and it will remain embedded in the Kenyans minds for eternity.

     I had awaken up that morning and my lecture mate who we were fond off together, George Buluma came and told me of something that also to him was not clear, “ I hear that there are robbers at the Westgate mall.” So what was I, to do with the robbers? I thought that that was simply the work of the police to have them. Least did I know that the devil himself had visited Kenya. We had our breakfast and George was quick to move back to his room c203 at the chiromo hostels, university of Nairobi.

    Still at three in the afternoon, I could not believe my eyes by what I was seeing as the news headline. WESTGATE MALL UNDER ATTACK. TEN CONFIRMED DEAD. REDCROSS ON THE GROUND UNDERTAKING RESCUE OPERATION POLICE OFFICER TAKING THE SECURITY OPERATIOS.  I remained still, dumb founded.  I was lost for words, my mouth tasted salty. Was it the lunch meal that I had taken? Of course that couldn’t be the one.

     Everyone in the TV hall was left with no words. A temporary incapacitation had now taken the better part of my colleagues. Everyone was busy meditating; more so, like a king whose subjects had been wiped by an invading army. Facebook, twitter and the sms services offered by most communication system on the country were the sudden must- to- do-or-better-thing-to-do. I was too carried in this disbelief and confusion.

      So there was this information, Ruhila Adatia page. ‘R.I.P RUHILA’. This was in Facebook, what a great loss this meant to Radio Africa and the Kenyans at large. It was later that we realized that she was hosting an event on the upper storeys of the mall, too were kids participating in the event and also others mentors of his caliber. She was no more; she was gone, gone forever. I was like let this be the last sad news I am going to collect from this social media. The hall was now packed to capacity and I excused myself and I quickly went to my home. Looking into the mirror to confirm that I was still the one, in fact, I wanted to confirm that I was not day dreaming. The reality of it made my heart heavy like lead. My eyes were red, had bulged out as if they wanted to go and do something. But what could they afford to do?

     Staying in the room became a luxury which I would no longer afford to pay for. I was left pondering what to do. I was like an old granny who was busy searching for the same keys she held in her hands. The final destination was to the hall again. I convinced myself to follow the updates till I had the full information of what was going in at the mall. On returning back, the headline was, ‘RESCUE MISSION UNDERWAY. PUBLIC ORDERED TO KEEP AWAY. THIS WAS SIMPLY A POLICE CASE.’ But could expectant on lookers wait to see this information from the news, they all wanted to see live from themselves. But the big worry was that were they security agents. Would they kill the terrorist with stones? Would they curse them? Even if they did that, would they bring the whole escapade into control? Could they be doing something right or wrong?

      The choosing of the Westgate mall as the ambushing point was as carefully chosen as the mall is famous and highly associated with wealthy Kenyans and expatriates and would usually be an artificial hive with human beings acting at the same capacity of the workers bees.  One witness claimed that the attackers were speaking Arabic, some shoppers executed by the gunmen who were masked and dressed in black. This was vividly on Saturday, 21. As if to add salt to an injury, the Somali’s linked Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels claimed responsibility. They shamelessly did say this and supporting their cowardice activity by pointing out it was retaliation for Kenya’s military intervention in Somali? Before I even proceed further, I think it the one who orchestrated that. How many times had they crossed into our borders and hijacked Kenyans or did other unorthodox activities. Who don’t know of all those MV … ships that they had hijacked? Were we fools to swallow their goonies activity at the expense of our peace?

    The answer is obvious, if they could not style up and keep peace amongst themselves, we would forcedly instill human hearts into them. Let them also know that we are not going to retaliate. The Kenyan spirit is so molten compact that unless we would break it apart ourselves, no intruder have the capacity to even glitter a realm of any collapse. If they are in doubt, anyone can help them Google the overall solidarity showed by some peace loving Kenyan. They contributed abundantly.

  Again this was Sunday, 22. Canada announced that two of its citizen, including a diplomat had been killed. Worldwide agencies were busily condemning the activity including the United Nations.  Also among those confirmed dead are renowned Ghanaian poet and statesman’s Kofi Awoonor, 78, is killed as vividly reported by the Ghanaian president?  British Prime Minister David Cameron said that three Britons had lost their lives. Al Shabaab, just know your days are numbered and you are on the 39th day. So it’s only one event to reach your peak marks. You will perish like Goliath. If I were you I would have long embraced peace.

     The gunmen had some hostages in their hideouts inside the mall. They were carried by a Dunkirk spirit. Wish they had empathy; they would not have done this. Why wouldn’t they fight the KDF in their borders? This was just a vivid conclusion of their packed to capacity cowardice. We highly condemn you guys.  Monday beckoned and they were not even willing to let even a single hostage escaped. That made them feels heroes. Gosh! That is highly Stone Age like? It was here that the ICC excused Kenyan vice president from his trial on charges against humanity. It’s when the government takes full control of the building that things looked settled but yet undone.

   I may not lead you guys in condemning our security forces for the lacked of proper scrutiny. It has been said that terrorism is a universal threat which must combated by the all and sundry. What have we the general public has to do? Aren’t we the ones living with the terrorist? Supposing if everyone co-operated with the security forces, then nobody would feel encouraged to come into our immediate neighborhood. We have to remain vigil and inasmuch as possible let us be our brother’s keeper.

  I must also wish to convey the message by the presidential candidate who was not lucky enough to ganner for himself the required votes to clinch the presidency. Comical as he is, Mr. Dida, stills brings a crucial point in a jokingly way.” Kenyans forget easily”. That is very as regards this contest. What did we do? Was it good for us to visit the scene while the government was busily saying citizens to remain in their homes or carry on with their daily activities? Must we run to a bomb explosion when one occurs? Are we really helping anything or are we jeopardizing our life? Of course it is obvious; we are doing the right things at the wrong occasions.

  Before I call it a day, I would also like to comment the news anchor for their commendable work that they did. But there is some training these guys might have lucked. This I say since there was these certain philanthropic KTN news lady who was lucky to go unhurt. There were gun shoots and while everyone was taking cover, she confidently lay down on the open and was like saying, “we are taking cover”. Brave she was and highly philanthropic but we actually need to be taught on taking on the cover ups as required militarily.






Success or failure depends on you



      When I was born, I never knew that one day I would join the university. Of course I had all the reason since no one in my whole village had securely attained the cut-out marks required to join the university.

     I have got four brothers and two sisters. I am also the last born and this was something if someone was asked whether to decide to be, I would be the first person to refuse. You all know all the laziness and crazy-talk associated with last borne. They wait for their parents to work hard and inherit their property!

    I spent my early childhood in dilemma since I wanted to prove that being a last borne is not a guarantee of being a failure. This is saying from my own point of view and if you find it irrelevant to you, please forgives me. Jesus said, forgive 70 * 70000. So I had to decide very early in childhood that one day I would be a great person who owns his own things. I would make toy cars and drag them producing the sound that a car would produce. Childhood was fun. Actually, theoretically success is easy but it becomes a thorn to step on when practicality dawns in.

      The journey started on this fateful morning when my mother told me, “leo nakupeleka shuleni. “Which actually means today” am taking you to school.” The craziness of being a last born was here all over me. I suddenly cried. I cried for real. Was I like serious? I was torn between the separations of my solitude for most for the times I used to like to spend my time alone. I never liked the company of my fellow friends.

      But my mum would mean what he said. How many times had she cane me and force me to sleep hungry after I had wronged her? Again, how many times has she told me not to tamper with my siblings’ school property? I once burnt my sister’s geometrical trisquare due to ignorance. I remember me throwing it into a hot jiko my mother ha it for them to chase away the cold while studying.  She looked worried but I had all the guts to laugh. I was young but this cheekiness had far gone higher than that of a young bantam cock.

    So I had to bathe and I was given a hand kerchief. I was warned that our class teacher would beat me up was I to give room mucus to flow all over done my nose. Is school hell? But before this, I remembered my brother telling my sister,” chelewa tena kesho ndo uone cha mtema kuni.” She was late and had received some punishment. Gosh! I had to wear crocodile’s skin. Caning I school would like taking breakfast.

     We reached school during the long break and that’s when I realized how school is busy. Everyone was playing and I never saw anyone been cane. “So school is fun, “I consoled myself. My teacher to be was a lady. They exchanged pleasantries with my mother and I realized she was friendly. I was taken into the register and my mom left. I wanted to cry but became shy. The other pupils would laugh of me and this was sure to send me truant for the rest of my life. I went back home that evening and I had only mastered letter m.  Funny is how I wrote it to my brother who pinched me. I had written a whole three comfortably.

      The next day and the rest of my year went smooth and I went to class on. Teacher Jane would teach us all the subjects. But math was difficult like a sinner missing to go to hell. Perhaps that the reason why I was a repeater comes the next year and I was joined by fresher from nursery. They looked bigger than I was but I was sure that I would not repeat again. I was opened up and I was sure that I would go to class two. The class teacher was now a male. The sequence was usually that a class 1, 2, and 3 would be taught by a single teacher. He was nice especially when we would sing during the physical education lesson.

      I sailed through to class two on the same school before my brothers convinced my parents to do us some transfer to another school. Their motive was well hidden to me but I could not resist. There I proved to be a strong competitor for during the third term I was number three. No one had ever come close to that number from all the others sibling. Was this the reason why my mother transferred me to a private school? This time she bought the new uniforms out of my consent and when January was here, I was given some brown uniform.

    Private or academy was what that used to make my head ache. Wilson, my best friend would remain indoors during the evenings when we were happily praying outside, he was doing homework. In my life I had never done anything like that. So I was a marionette and they would take me where they wanted me to go. Alas! I was number last the first exam. It was unbelievable and they said that I had lied unto the about my previous positions.

  But when the year ended I was position ten. Somehow they started believing that it was transfer shock that had made me receive that ill number. Lest they knew that the following year they would regret my presence there. That was class four and so the rest of my primary was full of academics achievement and I was even happy to beat the boy who had lead all through from the lower class.    

   High school meant that we had to different stations.  My former school teacher would show the rest of my former colleagues my report form.” Boniface was position one. He was with you just the other day and so young pupils lean to work hard.”

   It was true that I was invincible. I worked hard academically and that could be the reason why I had so many post and the best of all it was a school captain. I was happy and worked hard to join the university which am proud of being in the bets university in Kenya. They call it The University of Nairobi and it was given lots of accolades when we reported.

“It is the only university that has not been named after any one. When we select the lecturers we only pic the best and deploy the rest to our competitors, “   words whish blossomed my already heighten hopes. But this paye (pay as you eat)   was to be a big monster.

  I thank God as am writing this script, am already through with my second year of study. It has for the past been a nice journey and I pray that it will also end well. Thanks for reading my semi biography.

   This all last borne thing to me has been a blessing.

If fame were……then i would be the most famous guy..


The adage once said if wishes were horses    Arsenal would have won a cup in the recent past.No , i have missed the point .,,,beggars would write.I am mesmerized by the way people in the universe come to their fameness.

Different situations at different occasions calls for different measures. The most famous politician is Obama. You cannot refuse it.The most famous footballer Baloteli. the most famous movie titanic.

How does this happen. I wonder at times and ask myself why am not. In fact those guys that keep colonizing the forbes magazine like a subtle messi in the field against Arsenal keeper Manuel Almunia-He could score whenever he wanted.Aware from that..who does not know Super Mario irrelevant and grotesque behavior.but only to just say if i dont behave like this then i would not be me. How do he even arrives at fighting at or abusing Mancinni. however all in all he is famous. You get famous by doing some scrap. OSAMA, thanks he is no more , with a shout of his name everybody turn their ears on as if they were to recive a bonus living of a 100 percent.

But this baritone voice is surely catching,

                      ‘YES WE CAN’

It spread world wide with such an ease like fire in the Harmattan. First of all ,Prophecy fulfillment. And the fact he has an origin from Kenya(africa). But curse on the icc skirmishes facing kenya he bypass it twice on that visit to Africa. Sad or happy he sure can but he can’t.

FAME- what should i pay you to be a branch of your immense body. can we meet for a cup of coffee? Can i take to an outing at Malindi ? Can you be bribe ? can you be intimidated?

surely what should i do to be the center  of everyone’s talk?

pity you mt kilimanjaro.


It is the highest mountain in Africa. The kilimanjaro mountain lies between the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro to melt in twenty years


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kibo summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Scientists at the Ohio University predicted that the ice sheets of Mount KilimanjaroAfrica‘s tallest mountain peak, will melt in the next twenty years due to global warming.

The ice that was present in 1912 gradually decreased by 85% by 2000, and by 2007 another 26% of the amount in 2000. This was the first time that the volume of the ice in Kilimanjaro was measured. The tests were conducted byLonnie Thompson, a professor at Ohio University.

“The fact that so many glaciers throughout the tropics and subtropics are showing similar responses suggests an underlying common cause,” Thompson said.

Change in cloudiness and weather could have also been factors in the retreat of the ice, especially in recent decades, scientists said. These findings were first published in the journal proceedings of United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS) on Monday.

 this is a clear indication that our future generation are not going to enjoy the scenic view of the kilimanjaro. as if to add salt to an injury , the creation of hostile environment within it’s neigbourhood.

lets take action before its too late to mend . 

have a great day blogger.

why dream ?


is it true that everything one enjots today just stated as a dream?

they say make hay while the sun shines.

but why do they at times contradict themselves, hurry hurry has no blessing.

Did they mean that when late just walk comfortably easy like a snail? bloggers i need a clarification here.

is everything you are enjoying or regretting a part of your dream?

for me yeah ,for example , it was my dream to study my high school education very far from my home. Guess what? when the invitation letters were out i was only invited to G G RUMURUTI HIGH SCHOOL. This was nearly 500 km from my home village. I remember that day i arrived there tired like nobodys business that even standing was a problem.

Days past, years past and eventually sat for my kcse and attained good grades and now am in THE UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI. But why didnt i prefer MASENO or others that would be far from my home. I was of course tired. once bitten twice shy. 

my dreams have seen me change my preferences like i can now not imagine travelling long to far places to such for knoledge when there is one  w in my neighbourhood.Dream are real , you better have to ream big, bigger than BEN CARSON dream big. It is said that aim at the sun and you would land at the moon.

I do not disagree.

BUT what a cliche has this been on the kenyan politics..

“youths you have to dream big because you are the leaders of tomorrow”

this tomorrow has never come since independence.

Is that not a jock to the whole youth fraternity.

they say if tomorrow never comes we shall have no worries about today..But it has always come. this is a true “ENKIMODA” A maasai word for foolishness cos we are assumed we don’t know tomorrow. Not unless we think positively so shall we always embrace this cliche’.

The youth always have the say in any nation both in numbers and IQ. we have to shout out for our representation in all sectors.

it is my dream that one day the youth will have more say on this republic. 

What yours?